GG Promoterss Services

We are involved in all aspects of property development and our services are offered directly to our customers. We do not use any agents.

Housing Loans

We help you get the right housing loans to finance your property development. We get you the lowest interest rates and help you prepare the documentation for the loans.

Document Checking

We can check all the property documents with our lawyers to make sure they are valid and accurate. Since we take care of this complicated work you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is free from any legal or inheritances issues.

Property Management

We can take care of your property which you have purchased in a location. You may not be able to visit it regularly so we can take care of the management and maintenance for you.

Apartment and individual flat construction

We have the capacity to undertake projects of any scale and so we have good track record in constructing individual houses. We have also successfully completed many flats.

  • Real Estate Sales.
  • Real Estate Buying.
  • Forming Layout of Housing Sites.
  • Forming Layout of Commercial sites.
  • Getting Layout Approval of Concerned Authorities.
  • Construction of Independent Bungalows.
  • Construction of Independent Houses as Builders.
  • Construction of Duplex Houses.
  • Joint Venture Promotion.
  • Out Rate Purchase of Vacant Site at good Rates.